Selling a Property

Selling your home signifies a new stage in your life.

The process of selling can be made easier by contacting Galloway Conveyancing so your contract can be prepared for your property to go on the market.

Galloway Conveyancing is experienced at helping and supporting you through the processes of:

  • preparing your home for sale;
  • waiting for a buyer;
  • preparing for an unconditional sale;
  • arrange your discharge of mortgages; and
  • getting ready for settlement day.

By talking with Galloway Conveyancing early, we can explain to you the process and then you feel comfortable with us. By instructing us early in this process to act on behalf, we will be able to set things in place to ensure that the property goes on the market without delay at the time that suits you.

Jean Galloway and her trusted staff will spend time to go through with you the process, such as:

  • getting your home on the market;
  • explain what documentation is required;
  • how to get started and give instructions for us to act on your behalf;
  • ordering everything for your contract and delivering this to your agent;
  • attending to requested changes to the contract prior to exchange or negotiated after exchange;
  • dealing with the mortgage and arranging discharge of your mortgage; and
  • liaising with the purchaser’s conveyancer and bank to arrange settlement.

Useful information

These are some useful documents for people selling a property.